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Building a camp

Outside under the oak tree you seemed almost human to me. With your rosey cheeks and muddy boots, i saw a different you.

Teambuilding Camps

In natural environment our bodies, our minds relax, we can let down the defences, slow down and give our natural best selves a space to emerge. The human aura expands. And so does the mind. The confines of its conditionings equally relax. And the resistance to what is does likewise.

The perspective broadens and the gaze becomes more forgiving. The hurt, the pain body loosens its grip on rightness.

The colleague, the person there in front is seen in this new light and the totality of their character can be seen. The more of them that is revealed to the other the greater the understanding the other has.


Holding a corporate teambuilding day in a corporate setting will yield limited results because the stressers are still there. In keeping the environment the same and hoping for different results is working against onesself. The office worker must be taken out of the office. And the hotel conference room.

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