Playing in Paradise

Ag sugradh sna bhfláthais.


Based on the notion that cultural repair occurs through nature connection, we seek to restore our indigenous language, food, game and rituals by speaking, foraging, eating, playing and performing in Nature, where all our actions take on an added significance.

As the field of quantum physics supports the worldview of our Celtic ancestors; that we are not separate to our environment, we consider what we do to be of equal or lesser importance than where we do it.

Humanity (a significant portion at least) has entered an age of self responsibility and the wounded healer puts an end to the blame game. The tools of healing now available to us perform a myriad of miracles. Though our are problems complex, the solution is simple. To reacquaint ourselves with Nature.  All the proven methodologies that are available to us to heal ourselves are increased exponentially in a natural setting. Nature is our ultimate ally. In our forgetfulness we have made an enemy of her, suspicious of her bounty, wary of her waters. Our aim is to renew our relationship with nature by spending time, simply this.

This decision to 'spend time' is an invitation to nature, to the sea and the wild flowers, to the trees and the rain and the sand and the soil; an invitation to those 'non-human beings' to build a relationship. Getting to know the attributes and uses of the natural world, our judgement shifts, perception alters and we see the world mór thimpeall orainn as the Paradise that it is. 

We learn not by rote, indirectly, experientially, by immersion and absorption and the learning becomes play. When you are playing in Paradise, you are your natural best self.


Tochailt Focail

The word dig is a unique workshop where the foclóir becomes an oracle. We pull a word, lean an sreang, follow a thread back to tug at the sleeping body of knowledge beneath our fingertips. Within the Irish language is a Celtic worldview of unity and circular time, a liberation philosophy, a innocence uncorrupted by corporatism, a culture intimate with its place, a people intimate with their animals. In these Irish lessons, we don't so much learn Irish as learn to love Irish.


Foraging of Seaweed and Wild Greens. Seaweed is one of Ireland's most abundant natural resources; a mineral rich super food. As an island nation we have fertilised our fields with seaweed, more modern fertilisers and nitrates that pollute our waterways, Irish farmers used seaweed. In famine times it fed a starving population and yet its benefits are still widely unknown.




From the GAA pitch to the wide open beach where the adulation of the crowd would be drowned out by the roar of the surf; from playing against top athletes to topless hippies, Diarmuid has traversed the whole experience of hurling to arrive back at the joy of the game, he felt as a child. With the joy of a child and the experience of Master, he teaches hurling to the most reticent hurlers.